Ghent History Photo Gallery 4

Around 1914 Londa Lilly won a Buick, one of the first in the area. It was an eight passenger with two large seats and two smaller seats that could be opened out in the front for the children to sit on. When Londa drove the car, he would first ride by horseback from Ghent to Leona Lilly's Post Office at Cool Ridge, tie up the horse, and drive the car to Beckley.

When Thelma and Elma Lilly were in about the seventh grade they were cooking for boarders who were building the highway at Ghent. They would cook the dinner before going to school and leave it covered on the table. In the evening they would wash the dinner dishes and cook their supper.

During the same time there were several tents of negroes living on the property now owned by Boone Lilly. They were helping build the hard two-lane hardtop. Shanty type houses and a commissary were built for the workers of the highway.




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