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When putting up hay in the early days the children would have a little fun. After the hay was cut with a mowing machine, a hay fork was used to rake the hay into stocks; a long chain was placed around the stock and it was pulled across the field to be stacked. Sometimes the children would hop on the stock that was being pulled by the horse and ride them in. Sometimes the shock would come apart when the chain came off and leave the children and part of the shock sitting.

Quilts in the pioneer days were a matter of necessity and economy. The cold winter climate of Ghent and Flat Top demanded a lot of bed coverings, and frugal homemakers made use of every scrap of leftover fabrics for making quilts. At first, the pieces were put together into a 'crazy quilt' with a hit or miss design; but in the early 1900's the ladies began making more intricate designs, and a spirited competition developed among the quilt makers to produce imaginative and beautiful patterns.





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