A History of the

Community of Ghent

Compiled 1979

   Standing on Flat top Mountain looking northwest to the valley one can see Ghent. One of the branches of Glade Creek originates at the slope of this mountain and flows along the contour of the mountains and hills to the valley, and thru Ghent. The waters of Glade Creek empty into the beautiful man-made Flat Top Lake.

Arrowheads, tomahawks, and other stone implements have been found on the Ben Lilly farm. In some of the early deeds of Ellison Ridge, recorded in Giles County, Virginia, the Indian trail passed across Ellison Ridge and Flat Top Mt. and on through the present site of Beckley, on to Paint Creek and Kanawha River.          

The Shawnee Indians used this trail across Ellison Ridge and the Flat Top Mountain in 1755, with the prisoners and spoils taken from the Draper's Meadows Massacre, which took place on the site of the present city of Blacksburg, Virginia. Among the prisoners were Mrs. Ingles and Mrs. Draper, the first two white women known to have crossed Ellison Ridge, then an unnamed part of Flat Top Mountain.

How Ghent Was Named

Lewis Cyrus Shrewsbury came to Ghent from North Carolina in the mid 1800's and met his wife, Nancy Rose, from Dunns, a sister to C. C. "Lum" Rose that started the Rose Funeral Home which is now Rose and Quesenberry Funeral Home. Nancy and Cyrus had seven children: Robert, Rose, Freiland, Emma, Ezra, James B., and Lewis Evert (1898-1961) 

   Lewis Cyrus had the first post office at the headwaters of Glade Creek on the Giles-Fayette-Kanawha Turnpike. About 1903 Lewis Cyrus was asked by the federal government to name the area. He handed a map of England (since he was English) to his five-year-old son, Lewis Evert, who pointed to the name "Ghent" on the map and that was the name given the area.

The present records list Lewis Shrewsbury postmaster in 1885 and 1908 Tom Moye; L. D. Sweeney 1908-1931; Esta Sweeney 1931-1963; L. D. and Esta's son, Alvin Sweeney, 1963.

Lewis Cyrus and Nancy Shrewsbury moved to Princeton and died there. Lewis Evert went to medical school at the University of Louisville, Kentucky and in 1915 married Macy Watts and were parents of Martha (born in New Jersey, while Lewis Evert was in charge of two Dupont hospitals in 1917) and Lewis Evert, Jr. born in Logan County.


   Martha Rose Shrewsbury married Leslie C. Gates and they live at Flat Top Lake and are parents of Ellen Elain and Leslie  Allen (L.A.).   Ellen married James Anderson III, an attorney in Beckley and they are parents of Leslie and James G. Anderson IV, "L. A." married Sharon Park and they are parents of Jane Kelly and Michael Byron.



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